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KDSL Global Vision

Our vision is to be the leading learning organization focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally.

Why KDSL Global

KDSL Global believes that the business opportunities in education around the world are numerous. Many are looking for opportunities to expand and seeking knowledge to make informed decisions based on thriving markets. KDSL Global is the company to partner with to meet your needs.

What we do at KDSL Global

Partner with education investors

Provide professional learning


Promote education companies

Who We Are

Kevin Simpson


Dr. Sudha Govindswamy (Sunder)

Associate Partner

Heather French

Literacy Consultant

Carly Muetterties

Social Studies Consultant

Dr. Craig Gabler

Science Consultant

Dr. Cory Bennett

Mathematics Consultant

Jacqueline Burns

Mathematics Consultant

Mazen Sheikh

Arabic Consultant

Kathy Ward-Cameron

Early Years Consultant

Monique Childress

Teacher Advisor

Tiffany Johnson

Teacher Fellow

Hiba Ibrahim

Teacher Fellow

Who We Collaborate With


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Where We Give

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